Tantra Massage

Massage in its simple meaning expresses itself as a technique through which one can enjoy relaxation arising from physical comfort and mental relief from stress and other inducers that result in more stress. Ultimately, a typical massage session is experienced so as to introduce both body and mind to different levels of comfort and ease. For those who are looking at physical relaxation massage is a medium by which they get bodily relief. On the other hand, to those who eye massages as something powerful to alleviate their mental worries, massage looks like a wonderful technique that can let them drop off unnecessary mental stress and scale new heights.

In this article, let me introduce you to an age-old technique called tantra massage which is still in practice. Tantra massage has endured it all to be looked at as a freshening aspect that could quench both bodily and mental requirements from a massage. It has got everything in it to inspire you and kindle your senses. It is touted to be the right massage technique which can even inspire your sensual brain when done properly by an erudite massage therapist. As expected, an ideal session is one which actually brings together the harmony between mind and body, heart and soul, thereby enriching the actual existence of a human.

Tantra massage has its base in India, where this was administered to the diseased and the stressed alongside yoga as a therapeutic procedure. It is really hard to imagine how stressed a person’s life would have been during those days since there shouldn’t have been any such demanding lifestyle as it is nowadays. There were many benefits for undergoing such a lovely massage. As rumor has it, tantra massage was put into practice by massage therapists of those days, just for elevating the comfort level of mind and body and to bring them both into a state of equilibrium.

If you flip the pages of the Indian medieval history, you would come to know of tantra massage as an indigenous practice that was brought into practice by sages who devoted their life to yogic and meditational practices. It was they who first correlated the significance of yoga and meditation, and established the essence of these techniques as stress busters and sensuality enhancers.

During the onset of the twentieth century, no part of the world was aware of these practices apart from South Asia and a few other Buddhist colonies of Southeast and eastern parts of Asia.  Of course, a few erudite scholars who indulged in such learning practices showed avid interest in spreading its name and benefits. Owing to their measures and calculated actions, it is now possible for every one of us to enjoy the substance of this age-old technique of rejuvenation. All the centers around the world got curious about this practice and started delving further into it in order to explore the unexplored horizons of human ecstasy.

An ideal tantra massage is one which increases blood flow and makes it gush into all the blood vessels in a fluid manner thereby enhancing the functionality of these blood carriers. As a consequent effect, the mind and body of the person enjoying the massage tend to align themselves in the same direction thus enriching the harmony formed. Owing to improved blood flow, all the senses of the stressed person would turn back to its normal state thereby rejuvenating the whole system as though it had quenched itself in a pool of cold water.

This has been practiced as an art that signified the give and take policy of human life. However, in this practice a man is entertained to give the pleasure which he could take back once he completed the session of a few quick rub downs. To get a profound impact, this massage should be taken in pairs so that one enjoys it all while the other one takes pleasure in giving it. And when the former is done with it, the latter seeks pleasure from the former now. It should be oozing out a gush of rejuvenated feelings that will keep one fresh enough for the whole day.

As the legend has it, tantra massage was considered to be an effective arrangement that complements the rudiments of Kama Sutra. It is learnt that this form of massage was meant to be practiced between partners those who want to increase sexual affinity between each other. Because of the basic characteristic of the tantra massage to inspire sensuality, it is highly recommended that partners get to switch their roles while seeking and giving pleasure respectively. However, the benefits reaped score over the practical difficulties that arise while the massage session is on and happening.

The modern day setting has changed the way how things go. If you look at the current scenario every human in this world has become very stressed that he finds no other genuine option apart from diverting his mind by applying himself into such therapeutic massage sessions. The presence of expert massage therapist in some of the famous areas in the US like Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami gives out a clear indication that Tantra massage is slowly finding its way back into the thick of things.

Following the path of some of the world famous massage centers and spas that are based in the aforementioned cities of the US, a few other well know places in other parts of the globe such as Ottawa, Paris, Tokyo, London and Montreal. The availability of erudite massage therapist in these special places has made stresses citizens in these neighborhoods to swarm in to the massage centers to receive some fine rub-downs. The situation has grown to such an extent that, such people are unable to do better without hitting the places of these special massage therapists every weekend. After all, it is something that they don’t want to fiddle with to alleviate the stress they developed over the week.

Some of the world’s famous cities like Toronto, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Atlanta have instituted a lot of special centers equipped with sufficient amenities that could help a person drop by and unwind like he had never done before. The craze of setting up soecial centers to administer special tantra massage is equally catching up in places like Chicago, Manhattan, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta and New Jersey. Even Boston is not out of the league it seems.

All over the globe, you can find erudite personnel donning the role of a massage therapist. So, you can assure that you will never run short of receiving high quality service when you put your names in their appointment list. A lot of people who felt like having such a treatment are happy now that they had a chance to receive it from the best hands in the industry. This shows that the skill of a massage therapist is so crucial in determining the actual consequence of a tantra massage.

In general, you need to make sure you know what to expect before you sit for a massage session; if you don’t, please follow the list shown below.

The ambience of the massage center is often disregarded. It should not be the case with you. You’re paying money to have a great experience of an antique-age technique so that doesn’t deprive you of the basic facility you should enjoy. Before you lie on your back, you should feel confident that this massage session is going to turn the tables in your stress filled life. And, the massage therapist who would assist you in this session should be wise enough to cater your needs and serve with utmost sincerity. Only if you are positive about the experience you are going to undergo, you can give yourself a real chance to rid of stress.

Apart from ambience, the props used in the room should be perfect. Remember, you must get into your groove and only then you could actually be in your top senses when the massage therapist takes over the session. When you’re in the right mood, there must be a lot of other things happening around like groovy music playing in the background, well lit aromatic candles, and a partially illuminated room where too much of light is strictly prohibited.

Finally, the oil that is used to give you some soothing rub-downs should look and smell good. Of course, your massage therapist would get into the mood when he massages your body. So let him do that by using the right therapeutic oil which doesn’t have any side effect. Let the session begin with a brief interview at the end of which both of you know your requirements well. And, then kick off the real action. So you actually do your best to get satisfied rather than to come out of the massage room with a long face that acts like a symbol of disappointment.

Do look confident and unhesitant to share all your needs with the massage therapist. If you don’t do so, the actual purpose of tantra massage might not be served properly. The essence of tantra massage lies in mutual satisfaction which is certainly not a possibility when the channel of communication works fine in only one way with your channel blocked.

Really, it is going to be such good fun when all your sensitive areas are touched with a stroke of sensuality. Your body will be permeated with a lovely thought that you are scaling the real height of a sensual massage. Shed all your inhibitions and go out there just like a new born baby. Let the massage therapist know what is that you actually need and hand the session over to the person. They know best what to do. Just leave it to them and have a great degree of pleasure watching them in action.

To put it in a nutshell, the tantra massage is a lovely form of relaxation that has endured a lot of ages, cultures, prohibitions, encouragements and literally everything. Banking on the right massage therapist who has the hang of it is the only thing you need to ensure of, before sitting for the session. The number of people who have experienced it till now and experiencing it this very moment is very huge to imagine of. So, don’t dwell too much on the aspects of common problems that you could face when undergoing such a therapy. Reckon that you are going to overcome the demons of stress that have belittled your courage and confidence lately. Tell the massage therapist you need to wind down, relax yourself and drop your pace a little. All that happens after that would be such a mindblowing pleasure that you would have never imagined going through in your life or an ecstasy that you would have not experienced before elsewhere.


Have you ever had the pleasure of receiving a massage? If you have, then you know how relaxing and peaceful it can really be. It feels like laying prostrate on a quilted layer of baby seal fur as the massage therapist works deeper and deeper into your muscles, peeling away stress like layers of clothing until she touches your very core. As the session progresses you will feel free for the very first time, as the warm massage oils melt away your responsibilities.
Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of people who have never before experienced a tantra massage. Some people may think it’s kind of a silly notion if they have never experienced a massage for themselves before. Tantra massage has been in existence for over 9,000 years. The experience can be very deep and profound if you are being taken care of by a specially trained massage therapist, or it can be a nightmare if the massage therapist does not have the right touch.
Tantra massage, when done properly, can smooth your skin and help increase muscle tone. A lot of people seek out a specialized tantra massage in cities like Houston, Texas, Washington DC, and New York City. These are places where you can feel for yourself the tender touch of a professional. Others decide to bring in a massage therapist from wealthy areas like Dallas, Las Vegas, and Miami so that they get the best tantra massage money can buy. They will normally invite them into their homes for a more relaxed and personal session. There is much more privacy in your own home and it is easier to relax in such a familiar and comfortable location.
Even after the massage is done it is not uncommon to feel the same relaxed feeling for several hours, even the entire day. You will have a tendency to be more outgoing and confident after a tantra massage session. Positivity will soar through your thoughts like the sun breaking through clouds overhead. For awhile any negative feelings will be swept away by your resounding happiness and relaxation. I’m sure all of this sounds pretty amazing, right? So what if you could experience all these benefits at three times their normal strength? You will have a healthy glow in your face and you will probably feel like you can climb mountains. A tantra massage will awaken these feelings inside you. This form of massage combines breathing exercises with various techniques to bring out the joy that can be found in all of us. You’ll be so satisfied after your first session that you won’t want to leave, and you’ll find yourself returning again and again.
A tantra massage is a very intimate form of massage, and because of this many people prefer to have it performed in a private area. Many massage therapists will make house calls to perform the massage. People are generally more comfortable and relaxed in their own homes, which allows the massage to work wonders. Usually a tantra massage is performed by someone close to the receiver, instead of an unknown stranger.


It is typically very expensive for a massage therapist to make a house call. It is up to you if you want to pay a bit more for the comfort or if you would rather do it at the parlor. If you are uncomfortable with a stranger entering your house, even if it is a beautiful lady who will soon be naked, then it is probably a better option for you to receive your tantra massage at the massage parlor. You can save a lot of money by doing it this way. Choose the massage parlor carefully and make sure that they have a very clean facility.