Sensual Massage

The history of massage dates back thirty centuries ago where it was first used by the Chinese people as one of their means of healing; the Egyptians, Persians, and Hindus applied this for many ailments; and the use of rubbing, as well as friction, was recommended by Hippocrates for problems related to joints and circulation. The innovation of massage today has many benefits and has reached world-wide use. Its use has various ways like for restoration of physical impairments, disease conditions, back pains, muscle pains, fatigue, and more. It has been proven to fight stress which is often the causative factor in the development of certain illnesses.


Massage is done by manipulating superficial and also deep tissue layers or the muscles and also the connective tissues, such as the blood and its circulation where it is to promote the entire body’s well-being and relaxation in the mind, body, and spirit, so they say. The word massage came many origin from a words in French with the meaning of “kneading from friction”, in Arabic meaning “to handle, to feel or to touch”, in Latin meaning to “mass”, and in Greek meaning to “to touch, to handle, to work with hands”.


The massage therapist involves in massage applying pressure, be it in a structured or not, stationary or in movement; motion, vibration, or tension, which is done manually but often with some mechanical aids. The target area of the body can range from the skin, tissues, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, lymphatic, and the organs in the GIT system. The massage therapist can use the fingers, hands, elbows, knees, feet and also the forearms. Its effectiveness have been told and experienced by many causing it to be sought after. The caterers of such service are often offering services in the spa or a home service. Usually the client is mounted on the table in a prone position exposing the back, and also in a sitting on a chair, or whichever is comfortable and also depends as to where the area of concern will be. The area to be massaged is exposed and the other body parts are covered with towels.


The massage therapist, the one who does massage, works by applying techniques of therapy to the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Massage therapist manipulates the body or the area for massage therapy in order to improve circulation. There are also many forms of touch therapies used by the massage therapist. There are other types of massage, such as the erotic massage, sensual massage, and the tantra massage.


The erotic massage, also called as the sensual massage is the massage technique used to enhance or attain sexual arousal. Also, massages are also used for quite a long time now for medical purposes. The use for erotic massage has also a long history.  However, today it is practiced by some couples as part of lovemaking. It is either performed as the final sex act or as foreplay. Typically, erotic massage features massage done in erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual arousal, such as the genitals and also the breasts and pubis for women.


In the Western tradition, erotic massage relating to medical field, the genital massage of a woman is used to produce orgasm by a physician or midwife which was a standard treatment in hysteria of females. This is an ailment which is considered a common and a chronic condition in women. Moreover, the erotic massage have been tagged for so many inappropriate names such as sex massage and have been performed in a different way as t should be. Many practice sexual intercourse in many massage parlors thus causing misconceptions of massage parlors resulting to use of “spa center” in replacement of the term massage parlor.


Another is the sensual massage which is a great way for building intimacy with your partner. It is a form of massage therapy wherein the massage therapist uses touch on our body that relaxes us and relives our stress. There are also important massage aids that are applied when having a sensual massage. One commonly used is body oil, which is an important part of the sensual massage kit, but it is not necessary to be having that, it is only by choice. Sensual massage is not given in a spa, and the massage therapist is trained to do only as therapeutic massage. More often, sexual contact is often associated with sensual massage that is why it is decided not to be given in spa centers to avoid confusion and misnomers. Most massage therapist admits of being asked by costumers to offer services beyond their job description and it has been their duty to keep their records clean, explaining to clients that it is not part of their job.


The sensual massage offers a pampering experience, a relief from stress, relaxing your mind and body. As the massage therapist does the touch therapeutically, all the feelings of fatigue are washed away bit by bit. It is often availed by those who work hard and can afford such services, like chief executive officers, old people, celebrities, politicians, and many more.


The sensual Massage is a form of ritual wherein one receives sensual “kundalini” or sexual energy. The massage therapist gives you time to explore the body without any goals in mind. This tantra massage adds more to the energy of healing and gives an ecstasy of a nurturing as well as awakening sensual massage. It creates an environment in which stress is released and makes you feel alive inside your body. This arouses you without trancing out or entering into a fantasy.


Begin your sensual massage by providing a space to perform this massage. Playing some music on can add that relaxing feeling. Another way also is to provide some snacks and beverages readily available for both the massage therapist and the customer, this helps in maintaining energy to perform and continue with the massage. The costumer is asked to breathe properly and stays with the moment. Sensual massage is giving professional touch that is pleasurable and relaxing, lightly and gently. This is where the art of massage must be focused on the sensual feeling in our body and not in our minds.


The benefits of an erotic massage, sensual massage, and/or the tantra massage are similar. These massages are somewhat synonymous as terminologies thus making their benefits, ways of performing, and the intent of engaging to it is almost all the same. However, the benefits from one point to another. These massages helps those in stress for them to have their fatigues be washed away, and can also be used as a preventive measure in many diseases.


The more the professional the massage therapist is the more satisfying the outcomes are. Mastering theses massages takes time and effort from the massage therapist, and though this is not easily learned with persistence and practice one can become an expert. Sensual massage as the name implies may not be of interest to other customers but are greatly sought after by some. However, this often leads to misconception and uneasiness while performing the massage.


A customer must set aside undesirable emotions, such as worries, fatigues, and stress when in for a sensual massage. It should not be rushed nor should it be given in an uncomfortable circumstance because that will only become unsatisfactory work for the client. The key here is to make sure you make a continuous therapeutic touch on the skin. Using body oil is helpful but not really needed in making the sensual massage more effective. The oil lubricates the palm of the massage therapist’s hands as they rub it to the area being massaged, and also avoid unnecessary friction all throughout the massage therapy. Friction while massage is in process can be an inconvenience and will cause interruptions in attaining arousal and relaxation.


The massages can be enjoyed by both men and women but this is more common in men. Many men nowadays seek and attain pleasure from sensual massage done by a massage therapist. As for men, being touched sensually by other women (if that is the therapist) gives them an electrifying feeling and a height of intense arousal relating to your orgasmic energy. Nevertheless, these feelings when satisfying and enjoyed will be sought after frequently.


And as to the use related to medical means, the tantric massage often helps in overcoming many sexual dysfunctions. There are men who cannot admit that they are incompetent in sexual activity and cannot reach the feel of orgasm during sexual activity leading them to resort to massage therapy. The causes of the dysfunctions can have many reasons but fortunately can be resolved with managements like the tantric message.


Dysfunctions have many categories. The dysfunction can be due to the following commonly encountered impairments such as the failure to achieve penile erection, failure to engage in sexual activity at a satisfactory manner, failure to reach orgasm, and others. For men who are married, the management is done with their partner and is advised to try techniques which often include erotic massage, sensual massage, and tantra massage. Techniques used are often focused on making foreplays in various ways prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is very pleasurable and  beneficial in engaging oneself to these massages.


In USA, there are more or less three hundred thousands of licensed massage therapists, which is a requirement for most states. Also, training programs are provided in order to cater a professional and a satisfying service to customers, and they are awarded certificates after which they will be able to complete the number of hours in the training. The massage therapists also involve studies in the fields of human anatomy and physiology, first aid trainings, kinesiology, ethical and legal issues, proper massage techniques, and some entrepreneurship. These are regulated by one of the organizations called the COMTA or the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.


These are offered in many states, but the erotic massage, sensual massage and tantric massage are often found, but not limited to, in the following states: New York, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey; in London; in Canada such as in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa; in Tokyo; and in Paris.