Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a very erotic form of sensual massage. Lingam is Sanskrit for “wand of light” which refers to the penis. It is believed to be a channel for pleasure and healing energy. Lingam massage is an art where the massage therapist massages the prostate, perineum, and testicles for a type of pleasure that most men aren’t entirely accustomed to. It is an amazing feeling.
Lingam massage is not necessarily meant to produce an orgasm, although when it happens it is a pleasant end to the scintillating massage. Many people do not know how to fully massage, and this is an excellent way for them to learn. Traditionally, men feel the need to be the giver in a sexual situation, which is not the case with a massage like this.
With lingam massage, whoever is the receiver lies facing up with his head on a pillow so he can both relax and get a good look at the massage therapist as she services him. Like most massages, there will be a small pillow or rolled up towel under the hips and the legs will be slightly spread apart. It doesn’t hurt to have a small pillow under the knees either. The massage therapist will gently expose the genitals so the massage can continue uninterrupted. She will get the receiver into a deep, relaxing breathing state, and then slowly massage his thighs, chest, nipples, abdomen, and legs. The breath should be relaxed and not forced for a deeply relaxing experience.
For the next step in the sensual lingam massage, the massage therapist will pour out a bit of oil and rub it into the penis and the testicles. She then starts to softly massage the oil into the tentacles, making sure to avoid causing any discomfort or pain. It is very important to gently massage sensitive areas. Gradually the massage therapist will begin to increase the pressure and the speed of the rubbing motions. For an added touch, she may give the penis shaft a small squeeze. She will then really work the oil into the shaft, sliding up and down with both hands.
Various cities of the United States offer lingam massage. Cities such as Philadelphia, Houston, Washington DC, and Manhattan will have massage therapists that go into your home for the lingam massage. This provides a very relaxing environment, which is important for the full effects of the massage, and to make it more comfortable when the receiver eventually reaches climax and ejaculates.
Deep, rhythmic breathing is extremely important in a lingam massage, which eases the burn to climax a bit and makes it easier to control. Lingam massage can take place in any location, even though the massage therapist may be in Atlanta and the receiver in Chicago. It is always possible to find an appropriate meeting place for the massage session.
The prostate should always be given special attention in a lingam massage. This will teach a valuable lesson in controlling ejaculation and instead directing the energies inward for a more rewarding experience. Once the massage is complete, he should be covered with a blanket and allowed to recover quietly for the next five minutes. Eventually he will regain some activity and his sense of self-awareness and sexuality will be enhanced. After a massage like this, people are typically more confident, both as a lover and in their normal life. Some people are even described as glowing. An increase in self-confidence can help anybody, and you may find that soon you’re performing even better in sexual encounters. Sex should be a normal occurrence, something to be embraced and revered, nothing to be frightened of. Lingam massage is the best way of bringing out the best in you.