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Considerable features of regular Sensual Massage It has been estimated and studied that the body massage has effective results and consequences on the body. It is all because of the relationship of physical and chemical systems happening in our body. The readers are suggested to focus on the importance of body massage for the common facts. For example, when we see the massage as an anti-stress agent it becomes a refreshing feeling. The organs have a tendency to work according to a certain limit or capacity. After that capacity the body starts showing signs of tiredness and weakness. The readers are suggested to focus on these signs and symptoms in order to find the solutions before it is too late. Get a Sensual Massage: It is recommended to get a body massage to get a new life. In most of the cases the massage is linked with the special pleasure and enjoyment. As a matter of fact there is a close relationship between the massage activity and body comfort. You need to explore this linkage in order to gain more benefits. Remember, there is no loss of energy if you are taking massage. Following points will help you understand the importance and […]

Massage Review

After a long week of work every one of us needs rest. It is necessary for humans to rest in order to relieve the stress one has gained from work and other stress inducing activities. Some people go off to spas and massage clinics to relieve stress and let go off steam. Going to a spa and other massage centers for relaxation and treatment is always a good idea. A stress free life is a good thing because one is not that prone to illness. Most illness nowadays is the result of a not-so-healthy lifestyle and stressful living. When a person is under much stress, the tendency of the body is to have a weakened immune system. This jeopardizes your health. Jeopardize in the sense that if the body is weak and tired, the immune system also becomes weak allowing harmful microbes to proliferate inside the body and cause disease. Today, one way of relieving stress is going to a spa or massage center for a massage session with the massage therapist. For people who are first timers, they can check massage reviews to guide people on which spa to go to. Massage is the manipulation of the muscles and […]

Erotic Review

A tap on the back is not enough after a tough day. Perhaps a sensual and alluring touch can calm you down and a massage together with a quick shower can ease that tiredness.   There are just so many things we can do in a day. There are eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds we could use up to do our daily routines. Within this span of time, we can do things that can be of good use, be productive and make it worthwhile, or just be aimless in your activities. We can’t even use it all up because we also need time to sleep and replenish the energy spent.   Work can be the most straining thing one would ever want to have.  Deadlines to meet, family issues, demanding boss and co-workers, and financial problems are just some of the things that can trigger stress. After going through a tough and exhausting day, when everyone deserves a tap on the back, a sensual touch is very helpful to calm down the stressed body and mind. As a human being, a passionate touch on the body is very important. Through this, people feels hooked up and loved by the people […]

Tantra bodywork

Massage is one of the oldest relaxation techniques in the history of man. A tantric or tantra massage is a deeply sensual massage type that helps you re-direct your energies for a healing purpose. These massages are often erotic and performed while either you or the massage therapists, or both, are fully in the nude. A tantra massage is a wonderful way for a couple to become intimate with each other in a positive, sensual environment. They are an excellent way to treat stress related ailments such as headaches and anxiety, and are available in many cities in the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco among others. Tantra massage is an art which has been around for centuries, and has been used to treat many emotional, mental, and physical ailments over the years. Massage therapists were known to exist in China as early as 3000 BC. News of the wonderful benefits of tantra massage soon spread, and it eventually became available in most of the nations in the world. The rubbing motions used stimulate blood flow and can aid in recovery from fractures, sprains, or pulled muscles. Massage therapists are highly learned in the art of massage and know what areas of the body need […]

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a very erotic form of sensual massage. Lingam is Sanskrit for “wand of light” which refers to the penis. It is believed to be a channel for pleasure and healing energy. Lingam massage is an art where the massage therapist massages the prostate, perineum, and testicles for a type of pleasure that most men aren’t entirely accustomed to. It is an amazing feeling. Lingam massage is not necessarily meant to produce an orgasm, although when it happens it is a pleasant end to the scintillating massage. Many people do not know how to fully massage, and this is an excellent way for them to learn. Traditionally, men feel the need to be the giver in a sexual situation, which is not the case with a massage like this. With lingam massage, whoever is the receiver lies facing up with his head on a pillow so he can both relax and get a good look at the massage therapist as she services him. Like most massages, there will be a small pillow or rolled up towel under the hips and the legs will be slightly spread apart. It doesn’t hurt to have a small pillow under the knees either. […]

Erotic Massage

If we are speaking about erotic massage, one thing comes to mind immediately: Kama Sutra. This thousand-year-old guidebook of love is more popular now than ever before. Nowadays, from London through Miami to Los Angeles, from San Fransisco through Paris to Tokyo, erotic massage is a part or used instead of making love, so the goal is strictly sensual. Nowadays basically anybody can go to a bookstore in New York or in San Diego, and take a book of erotic massage (like those about ESO, Tantric sex etc.) with them – or if they’re shy, they can order it over the Internet, and have it home delivered to their Manhattan penthouse, New Jersey house or Vancouver apartment. They can even have a copy of the very Kama Sutra if they like. What I mean to bring out of this is simple: erotic massage, although it was somehow secretive, and something to be shy about, now is perfectly public, you can even order a(n erotic) massage therapist on the phone if that suits your fancy! There were times, though, when erotic massage was a tad bit more secretive and when it had a strictly medical purpose. Let us dwell on the […]

Tantra Massage

Massage in its simple meaning expresses itself as a technique through which one can enjoy relaxation arising from physical comfort and mental relief from stress and other inducers that result in more stress. Ultimately, a typical massage session is experienced so as to introduce both body and mind to different levels of comfort and ease. For those who are looking at physical relaxation massage is a medium by which they get bodily relief. On the other hand, to those who eye massages as something powerful to alleviate their mental worries, massage looks like a wonderful technique that can let them drop off unnecessary mental stress and scale new heights. In this article, let me introduce you to an age-old technique called tantra massage which is still in practice. Tantra massage has endured it all to be looked at as a freshening aspect that could quench both bodily and mental requirements from a massage. It has got everything in it to inspire you and kindle your senses. It is touted to be the right massage technique which can even inspire your sensual brain when done properly by an erudite massage therapist. As expected, an ideal session is one which actually brings […]

Sensual Massage

The history of massage dates back thirty centuries ago where it was first used by the Chinese people as one of their means of healing; the Egyptians, Persians, and Hindus applied this for many ailments; and the use of rubbing, as well as friction, was recommended by Hippocrates for problems related to joints and circulation. The innovation of massage today has many benefits and has reached world-wide use. Its use has various ways like for restoration of physical impairments, disease conditions, back pains, muscle pains, fatigue, and more. It has been proven to fight stress which is often the causative factor in the development of certain illnesses.   Massage is done by manipulating superficial and also deep tissue layers or the muscles and also the connective tissues, such as the blood and its circulation where it is to promote the entire body’s well-being and relaxation in the mind, body, and spirit, so they say. The word massage came many origin from a words in French with the meaning of “kneading from friction”, in Arabic meaning “to handle, to feel or to touch”, in Latin meaning to “mass”, and in Greek meaning to “to touch, to handle, to work with hands”. […]

Erotic massage and sensual massage viewed by the experts

Important discussion to emphasize on erotic and sensual massage Choosing the massage therapist is not an easy task. Those who are looking for the massage experts are suggested to maintain the contact relationships with the professional agencies and services. Nowadays, the body massage services are gaining more attention in general. The only reason is the awareness developed by the health care societies. Yes, there is a big role of health care agencies and organizations to improve the status and concept of massage activities. People who need the body massage experts are suggested to keep some important points in mind. We have discussed all these essential points in detail for the readers. Massage trends are different everywhere: It is the first point for the readers who are interested to hire the services of body massage experts. Actually, the massage services and trends have a big impact of social and cultural practices in different regions. Some of the most popular body massage trends are given below. Thai massage. Korean massage. Indian massage. European massage. Erotic and sensual massage Among all these types the Asian massage trends are popular in the world. For example, the people visit Thailand for body massage from different countries. […]

Erotic and Sensual Massage Articles

The art of massage as we know it today has evolved seamlessly throughout the centuries. It has been given different names and techniques have been added or improved, but much of the practice is performed the exact same way that it was all those centuries ago. Eastern civilizations were the first to realize what a powerful impact the power of touch could have on the human body. They found that through relaxation techniques and the manipulation of the muscles they could cure and prevent all illnesses, relieve pain, and even heal injuries. Massage as it was first practiced was regarded as a form of medicine, a way to heal the body. As different cultures adopted the practice, some chose to turn it into a form of playtime, and the world began to see different forms, like tantric massage and erotic massage forming. In modern ages, both types of massage are still practiced, healing and sensual massage, and in many ways they are still the same type.   Experts and historians believe that massage first emerged in the world in India around 3000 B.C.E., and some even believe that it was around for much longer before any records were made of […]